Yam Yam Crochet Basket

Yam Yam Crochet Basket

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There's always a need for basket around the house. This yummy colour basket is perfect to keep things tidy around the house or cute accessories in the kid's room. 

The size of the basket is 20cm in diameter and 15cm in heights. 

This particular colour is limited edition and one only. I will have more color to choose from in the coming weeks and I always welcome custom order, please send me a convo with your request. Please also allow 1-2 weeks for dispatched. All shipping will come with tracking no. If you would like a cheaper option (without tracking for international order, please send me a convo and I will figure out the cheaper option for you)

Washing instruction:
If spotcleaning doesn’t do the trick you can carefully wash in the sink, using cool water and a mild soap. Reshape and air dry. Do not use a dryer!

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me

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